Sky Way Aircraft Inc.

Airframe: TTSN:8709.9 Hrs @ Hobbs3051.5 Hrs Total Landings 8670

Left Engine PT6A-41 3600TBO: TSMOH 2472.7 Hrs by Dallas Airmotive 11/24/99; TSHS: 738.4 Hrs C/W 11/23/09

Right Engine PT6A-41 3600TBO: TSMOH 2752.4 Hrs by Pratt & Whitney 8/21/98; TSHS: 1626.4 Hrs C/W 5/27/04

Left Propeller HC-D4N-3A: TSMOH 925.4 Hrs C/W 8/20/08 Due 8/2014

Right Propeller HC-D4N-3A: TSMOH 925.4 Hrs C/W 8/19/08 Due 8/2014

Com’s 1 & 2 Collins 20
Nav’s 1 & 2 Collins VIR 30’s
GPS Garmin 400
Transponder Collins TDR-90
ADF Collins 60A
Radar RDR 2000
Auto-Pilot Collins AP-105 with the FD-109Z Flight Director
Weather WSI Weather
Traffic Skywatch TRC-497
Radar Alt KING

Extra’s: High Flotation Gear; Cleveland Brakes; Whelen Stroblights; Frakes Aviation Exhaust. Engines 3600TBO; Four Bladed propellers.

Maintenance: This aircraft is on a computerized maintenance program. All Items are up to date; Phase 1 & 2 C/W 4/3/2013 Phase 3 & 4 C/W 3/4/2014; Both starter generators overhauled in 11/22/2013; All wing bolts replaced in 4/13/2013; Air conditioner system overhauled with new compressor 8/9/2013; Landing gear overhaul C/W and not due till 3/4/2020; (This aircraft was bought new in 1978 and exported to Africa. It returned to the US with a C of A in 7/1997. The aircraft has all logs since new).

Interior: Eleven leather seats in 3122 Nutmeg; Headliner Victor Dakota; Side Panels; Carpet; and Woodwork by Blair-Air Interiors, Located in Mena Arkansas. All seat belts re-webbed. New in 12/28/2006

Exterior: Bass Matterhorn White; Strips are Jungle Green & Tibetan Gold; Painted by Mena Aircraft Painting. New in 12/29/2006

Price: $775,000.00 Make Offer (This is a well maintained aircraft.)