Sky Way Aircraft Inc.

1975 SA-226T Merlin III A N125WG S/N T250 *Safely Fly Further, Faster, More Comfortably, and Economically * Superior Sheet Metal Craftsmanship compared to other Turboprops *Most spacious cabin in its class, 7.0 Cabin PSI differential so you arrive refreshed and alert *The Merlin is essentially a short airliner version of the Metro Liner with many redundant systems.

Airframe TSN: 6,300 Hrs

Left Engine: 3,926.3 Hrs (5400 TBO)

Right Engine:
3,919.9 Hrs (5400 TBO) TS HSI: 400 Hrs both engines Aircraft Performance: Both Engines are Super III with different gear boxes and heavier engine cases. This increases performance by approximately 40HP. (980HP/Engine) Options: Max Bleed Air switch for ground cooling; After engine shut down switch to cool down engine; Power Pack 4200 for engine starts; Range 1800Kts @ 250K/Hr; Fuel range 7.5Hrs; Fuel burn 555lbs/hr at cruse; ABCD C/W Oct 2013; IFR Cert. C/W Oct 2013.

Both Left and Right Propellers 400 Hrs TSO with brand new blades.

Collins VIR 30 NAVS RDR 1200 Radar Linked to EX-500 for Color Collins Altitude Alerter 2 Garmin 430W (IFR Certification) GPS EX500 Avidyne Flight Max Collins AP 105 Auto ELT 406Mhz Pilot Dual RMI’s Collins HSI P5 Engineering PM-1000 Intercom Avidyne EX 500 MFD Air Cycle Machine, 1 Old Style, 1 New Style Collins ADF 2 Garmin GTX330 Transponder mode S ADDITIONAL FEATURES Good Glass Strobes Fresh Static and Altimeter Check Clean Panel 13” Monitor DVD Entertainment

INTERIOR: New Interior 2010 Tan Leather Seats, New Side Panels and Carpet, Very Nice, Rated 9.

EXTERIOR: NEW PAINT 2010. Burgundy, White, with Tan accent stripes and red. Rated 8.8.